Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm more than a year late in posting this.
Last March Bobby had a tracheal-esophageal fistula which was inoperable--the third one
in his life. He was born with one--fixed by Dr Priebe at Stony Brook. The second one was where his trach balloon was--fixed by Drs Shindo & Scriven at Stony Brook. The third one was where his custom trach balloon was and he didn't have enough good tissue left to fix it. He was switched to palliative care & made comfortable until the end.
A fairsCaPe said, he was made out of 1 part wet tissue paper, 1 part stainless steel, and 1 part mischief.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Misguided Prosecution of nurses

I just found out about this misdirection of justice
We were understandably busy in March and April. fairsCaPe would have had a lot to say about this if she had known.
Of the nurses being prosecuted, Claudine Gamiao, Jennifer Lampa, Rizza Maulion, Ma Theresa Ramos, and Ranier Sichon took care of Sonny Boy. They did a good job under difficult conditions. I will say more about this when I can control my anger better and after talking to a lawyer.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Roof Adventures seem to be over

Back in March(?) a friend found us a good roofer.
This was very important, because a tenant had lots
of water coming through the ceiling in the small space
between her bed and closet. That (small) roof obviously
needed to be replaced. Then he fixed ours. Ours was
good and the old roofer re-sheetrocked and painted for free.

But the tenant still had a leak whenever there was a lot of
rain with the wind blowing towards that side of the house.
I followed the National Weather service hourly forecast graph
more closely (you can see the combination of wind velocity and
rain likelihood/amount). I sprayed water all over and nothing
came in. Stumped. The roofer came by and put some tar here
and there.

Then one weekend without rain she had a big leak. I figured it
can't be the roof anc called the plumber. The plumber looked at
the radiator in the second floor apt, pronounced it good, went
downstairs, cut a hole in the ceiling and said "There are no
pipes up there". Duh-it's an extension. He had mentioned when
upstairs that the air conditioner pan was full of water.

And that was the problem--if I sprayed water under the A/C on
the roof it came in the apartment. The roofer said the flashing was
probably bad and put down a big bead of tar along the wall-roof joint.
So far, so good, although there hasn't beed a storm to really test it.
And the house does need new siding, planned for next year, after the
taxes are paid.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

SonnyBoy June 24, 2007

The auxiliary at 5*P gave SonnyBoy a Yankee's cap for his birthday, because he has pictures of A-Rod, Jeter, and Rivera in his room. We watch both Yankees and Mets games together. His roommate and I are Mets fans. SonnyBoy seems to be interested most in the commentary, and my commentary on it.

Also, it's good to be cute--the staff make a little more effort so they can see this smile.

fairsCaPe and Sonny Boy

December 22, 2006

Thursday, February 15, 2007


thanks for all the wonderful good wishes

been a bit sick

hospitalized, etc

PET scan coming up on the 22nd

love to all,


Friday, January 19, 2007

a weak week...

What an awful pun or something...

Bobby was not entirely well when I did visit. I wrote them a note and it took them a few more days to realize it and he had to go through some rough stuff but seems to be on the mend again.

I completed cycle two of chemo. I wake up feeling as if everything should be ok and within minutes or seconds even I realize I'm not . I still have not hit bottom but Steven is taking pretty good care of me so I am clean and well hydrated and well nourished but very weak. My back is bothering me - too much bedrest.

My problematic (read nonpaying) tenant is gone. We are pouring cash into the apt. to get it ready to be rented again. Fingers crossed.

I have started to write invitations to my Spring Equinox/5th Wedding Anniversary party. I am planning for flowers and cake and dinner. I need this party.

The roof is tarped, with plans for repair as soon as the weather rewarms. Living room unlivable covered in smelly plastic. I spend most of my time in bed with little excursions in here and in the kitchen.

I was surprised to see a little snow this morning which has all but disappeared by now.

Your kind words fill me with great energy, enough to post this mundane little entry,
wish I has something funny to say.

Oh, I do have a little ziploc baggie of hair on its way to risingslowly in japan to go to some temple or something, Steven had fill out a whole customs form at the post office.

I would just like to feel like me again.

Monday, January 08, 2007

my roof's got a hole in it...and i might...

kill the roofer?

No. Then I would be in trouble. If one could imagine being in more trouble than I'm already in...

Yes the roofer has been back. He has succeeded through repeat visits in moving the leak from the window frame, to three feet into the room , to six feet into the room. It is currently pouring both outside and in and I am powerless over the weather. Due to all the pain meds I am a bit fuzzy on my usually rapid decision making processes. Still in all , killing the roofer does not seem to be the answer...the roof will still will scare off other kharma will be impaired at a point where I will not have much time to fix it back up.

What to do???

Call my 2nd husband? He is in construction and his current wife does manage a construction office and her son does commercial roofs and they have said call us if you need help... still my ego might not be able to take it if they refused to help with this...

Call the local fight department chief/roofer as an emergency roof repair...

Call the really good, really expensive roofer I have used for my other property... he did have a quick look at it in the past...

I have to see my oncologist today... I believe I will cogitate on this until after I know what the game plan is from here out...

geez that's a lot of ellipses...


Thank you all for your hope and strength... even those of you who have been double dipping with multiple personas... ha...

Love to All,


ps. I need a shower, I guess I could just stand in the living room, I hear rainwater is great for the hair...